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Yann Friant

A few words about me

I have a consuming passion for creation, no matter the tool, no matter the weather, I create. I started as freelance after graduating in the field of advertising. Lately, I’ve been diving into the world of universe creation for games and I love it.

Environment Art skills

Environment Art | Modeling | Texturing | Look Dev | Lighting |

Advertising skills

Branding | Graphic Design | Web Design | Motion Design |

Bonus skills

Music | Sound Design | Photography



I’ve been working for over 10 years finding ideas, cool and crazy ideas mostly. I started as a graphic designer, exploring colors and composition then I developed corporate images, concepts, websites and web platforms for companies around me. From 2014, I then animated my ideas in video and motion design, exploring more in depth design and compositing. Recently, I discovered an incredible way to tell stories, environment art in real time.

I don’t know what I will do tomorrow and it’s something I enjoy. I like to work with interesting and creative people, that’s for sure.