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Journey to

Windmill Town

A travel to the concept, a journey through the school of wizards. Inspired by Darek Zabrocki’s Windmill Town, Journey to Windmill Town blends Celtic roots and fantasy into a voyage aboard the Recouvrance to new lands and worlds.

The wizard school

An extraordinary experience and the opportunity to meet outstanding artists and learn from them. Think Tank, It’s not Hogwarts but it feels like it. Creative people come from all over the world to learn magic, a unique atmosphere. We all have different stories but everyone is driven by the same passion, create, from morning to night, from night to morning.

Real Time | Environment Art | Animation

The La Recouvrance

La Recouvrance is a ship built in the early 90’s on the quays of my city when I was a child. The schooner is named after one of the districts of Brest, a military port destroyed by bombing during the Second World War.


Wise Eye

To bring the project to life, I was mentored by Jason Gullion (Electronic Arts) after an introduction to the force and Jedi culture by Mieszko Lacinski (WonderWoman, Aquaman, Thor Ragnarok).

Sean Disero and Scott MacTavish (HellBent) provided their expertise for technical art and lighting, Joe Crawford helped me build the city and enhance the animation. Stefan Oprisan (Ubisoft) shared his passion for the art of creating materials and textures. Jude Godin (BlackBird) illuminated the art direction.

Real Time | Environment Art | Animation

The Kéréon lighthouse

The Kéréon lighthouse is a historical monument built at the beginning of the 20th century. It watches over the sailors off the island of Ouessant and Molène at the tip of Brittany, isolated in the open sea.

Bringing the set to life

After a few weeks of research and development, the elements come together to tell a story, a simple one, the artists’ journey to join “The industry”. The lone lighthouse represent the learning and the countless hours creatives spend alone working to create at the highest level. The ships and their sailors represent the artists and the city, the industry, the dream factory.

The short film presents 3 environments, the ship, the lighthouse and the town.

Real Time | Modeling | Animation

Imagine Build Windmill Town

This demo was an opportunity to learn a lot about real-time environment art, modularity, textures, modeling, optimisation, animation, materials, sculpture, lighting, texturing, procedural generation.  The short film was also an opportunity to experiment further with concept art, look development, environmental storytelling, cinematography and music.

  • Real Time
  • Environment Art
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Concepts Arts
  • Music
  • Version 1.0
Yann Friant

Journey to Windmill Town | 2022




Unreal Engine 4.27
Unreal Engine 4.26