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Real Time | Modeling | Animation

The La Recouvrance

Ship recouvrance 3d Model

La Recouvrance was built in my town when I was a child. The ship was presented to the public in 1992 during a maritime festival where the most beautiful ships, crews, cultures and nations meet.

During the covid crisis, the ship was no longer allowed to sail due to the lockdown.

The Recouvrance in the metaverse

Real Time | Modeling | Animation

The La Recouvrance

Replica of the recouvrance in Unreal Engine 5

So I start the digital construction of the schooner to make it sail again no matter what. A work designed for real time under the wise eye of Jason Gullion (Electronic Arts) during my training at Think Tank Training Centre.

I saw the ship come to life a second time, the hull, the sails, the bow and received the help and expertise of Scott Mac Tavish (HellBent), Joe Crawford, Sean Disero (HellBent), Stefan Oprisan (Ubisoft) and Jude Godin (BlackBird)

3d model of the Recouvrance.

Real Time | Modeling | Animation

La Une Recouvrance

Jeux vidéo sur la Recouvrance.

The ship’s first journey to Windmill Town is the story of a fight to move forward, of a recovery that will take place elsewhere.

Hold on to the wave, hold on to the wind.

Ship metaverse rendered with Unreal Engine.

Real Time | Modeling | Animation

Journey to Destination Windmill Town



La Recouvrance is a replica of a small, elegant and fast sailing warship from the 19th century, the Aviso. It served as a liaison for the command and ensured communications. The ship is now a topsail schooner, based on a model designed by the naval architect Hubert in 1817.

The origins of schooner rigged vessels is obscure, but there is good evidence of them from the early 17th century in paintings by Dutch marine artists. Top sail shooners are rare today, only a few are still sailing in the world.


Symbol of the city of Brest in France, La Recouvrance has been its ambassador ship for over 30 years. Recouvrance was originally the name of one of the city’s districts, and still bears witness of pre-war Brest. During the Second World War, the battle of Brest was particularly destructive.

After two weeks of bombing, the city, a military port and therefore a strategic occupation zone, was reduced to dust. Only ruins and memories remained. There was a time when some sailors prayed to “Our Lady of Recouvrance” to come back to land, for others, a few decades later, it is a symbol of rebirth, of recovery.

The construction of the Recouvrance began in 1991. The schooner was launched during the Brest 1992 maritime celebrations, on July 14th, surrounded by thousands of spectators.

New worlds.

Journey to Windmill Town

New lands
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Yann Friant

The Recouvrance | 2020




Unreal Engine 4.27
Unreal Engine 5